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6,500L a week tier, not a promo - ONLY ONE LEFT

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This purchase price is geared towards business owners, breeders and residents that want to live and remain in the same location for a long time to come.

$6,500L a week tier - Buy the land and includes first week of tier, then tier is only 6,500L$ per week payable in 4 week installments.

Joshua - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Joshua/128/128/2

Other sims are available

Offer is limited to only a few sims.  Contact Melody Regent or Aizur Zessinthal when you are ready to purchase.

This price will never change so long as Linden Labs does not change rates and you are current.  

There is NO grace period on tier and the purchase price will not be refunded.  If payment defaults, the land reverts back to the current weekly price at time of default.

All tier is paid in the main office - http://slurl.com/secondlife/MotorWorld/225/31/2002

You get full LAND and ESTATE rights with up to 4 Estate Managers

Perks include our Customer Response Promise - we will respond to all request in 24 hours or you get a week tier free!

• This deal offers a cheaper rate than the purchase of a new homestead.
• No premium account needed
• High performance servers
• 24/7 response promise
• Residential/Light Commercial
• Full Estate Manager Rights
• Region Ban
• Full Terraforming rights
• Texture Changes
• Sim Restarts
• Stand Alone-Total Privacy
• Ticket rights with LL
• One of the Oldest and Most Trusted Private Estate in SL
• Contact us for with any questions

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