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The Trap 2.0

k2 Loon

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I imagine you would like the Trap 2.0.
The Trap 2.0 is a great, high detailed built labyrinth in which I've experienced lots of fun.
You have to work through 5 levels to find the way out.

Here is a brief description:
Level 1: 5 doors lead into a totally black room - but only one out.
Level 2: The path leads through a huge greenhouse in which all plants grow wild.
Level 3: Psychedelic light flooded the room as you need to go through.
Level 4: Narrow galleries and shafts, some even under water, want to be passed.
Level 5: Mystic Faces fill the room and block the way to the exit.

It is fun to master this maze, some do it very quickly, some slowly, some do it never :-)

Then search the Destination Guide for The Trap 2.0 - or just use the taxi here:


thetrap 2-1.jpg

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