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does flying an airplane require a license or test?



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You don't have to get a license or anything!  (Don't try this in Real Life!)

However, there are some things you should know about SL aircraft.

  • Not all aircraft are created equal.  Some are almost as easy to fly as walking.  Others have very complex controls and need practice to fly well.
  • The faster the plane, the more likely you are to crash when crossing region borders.  Helicopters, balloons, and other slow-flying vehicles are a lot safer than jets.
  • Using a "Ban Line HUD" navigation aid can help you avoid ban lines, full parcels, and other hazards.
  • Many of the busier airports have rules you need to follow, such as using a designated runway for takeoffs and another for landings.  Breaking the rules can get you banned.
  • Besides simply flying around, you can engage in as much aviation roleplay as you like.  Wear an  airline captain's uniform, or a Top Gun flight suit and helmet.  Fly your airliner for one of several "SL airlines" for charter or on a scheduled run.  Join a carrier aviators group and fly World War II missions from the deck of an aircraft carrier.  Join the Royal Caledonian Air Force and have fun fighting Air Pirates and hunting flying Kraken.
  • A lot of planes have combat capabilities, and there are groups that get together to use them.  If you're looking for a "pickup dogfight" try visiting WarBug HQ and grab one of their tubby little planes.  They look like amusement park rides, but they are tons of fun...and the "Aces" are amazingly deadly with them.  DO NOT bomb or strafe anyone who isn't a consenting part of your combat roleplay.  It will make you VERY unpopular.
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