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Luxurious Land Parcels with Sailing on Petrel

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Petrel is our northernmost homestead in a community of 21 sailing sims. It is a beautiful place to live regardless. This sim is especially private and quiet.

Petrel is 50% water and has five newly made parcels, four of which are currently  for rent.

Petrel _001.jpgPetrel _002.jpgPetrel _003.jpg


Petrel PO1 is a 2048 sq m parcel with 468 prims and has its own dock.

The rent is 1275 LD per week


Petrel PO1_001.jpgPetrel PO1_002.jpg


Petrel PO2 is probably one of the most beautiful parcels on the  whole sailing  community of 21sims. It is  the northernmost parcel with sea on three sides and has its own dock. It is 4096 sq m and  has 937 prims is 2675 LD per week.


Petrel PO2_001.jpgPetrel PO2_002.jpgPetrel PO2_003.jpg


Petrol PO3 is a lovely 2048 parcel with its own dock and a fabulous view. It has 468 prims and is 1275 LD per week.


Petrel PO3_001.jpgPetrel PO3_002.jpg


Petrel PO5 is a 3072 parcel with 703 prims and is 2000LD per week. It has its own dock and  a wonderful seaview.


Petrel PO5_001.jpgPetrel PO5_002.jpg


Please  contact Dearest Myrtle, Avery Saxena or  Toby Howton if you need any  help.



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