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Videographers for hire - Machinima artists seek employment or commissions

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We are a small machinima production group based here in SL.

Our experience varies from creating films that tie-in with role-playing storylines, to making trailers for product launches,  developing a music video for aspiring performers.

Our experiences varies between extremes. From creating films that tie-in with role-playing storylines, to developing trailers for product launches. We’ve also done music videos and portfolios for people.

One of the last machinima projects that we embarked on was with 1001 Nights. A role-playing sim created by the concepts and ideas of Harla Kurri and myself amongst a team of aspiring role-players and storywriters.

We have also done some promotional work for a number of Gorean role-playing sims (and even some post apocalyptic ones).

For more information, go to -


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