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boo :smileyhappy:

Make a thread for you favorite in world musicans:

None of these musicians use backing tracks, its all 100% live, and the sound quality is very professional.

Von Johin - Acoustic, blues/folk. High quality equipment equals high quality sound.

NANCE brody - Acoustic, all original songs, great entertainer, incorporates you inot her songs, so watch out :) High quality sound.

Komuso - Gritty dirty bluesy. High quality sound, but highly processed sometimes.

MoShange Zhao - Jazzy downtempo, found sound. Original music, but mixed, and i think he does some playing over top of his found sound mixes, and will loopback his spoken words into the track as well.  So not 100% live i dont believe, but not 100% sure either, since it electronic style.

thats my top 4, there are a LOT more though

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I LOVE live music in SL, and have many favourites, some of whom have become great friends. But I have to put in a word for my awesome boss, Rocky Toocool! His shows are always great fun, he sings a huge range of songs from rock and blues to country and folk, with a little bit of everything else thrown in for good measure! He loves taking requests and making the show as good as it can be for the crowd. We do a lot of stuff like having themed costume events, a photo contest, random prizes for being at shows...and we just love having new people come along and join the fun! Rocky has a facebook page and a video on youtube which we'd love you to check out, or give me a shout inworld and I can bring you to a show, send some info...just ask!

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Clairede Dirval, shes on MySpace and does a couple of gigs a day in SL. She is utterly awesome and the best singer in SL IMHO. Sorta singer who you want to see in RL (which she used to do, but not anymore :( ).


EdHausen Morpork is another good one. He sings to played back music, but hes got bags of personality and is hugely enjoyable to hear singing and talking in SL.

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