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SL Marketplace run very slow on smartphone

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Could be as simple as having to clear the cache? I dunno, just thinking.


I find web browsing on a two-inch screen isn't very workable for me, and only do it if I have to. Too much pinching-to-zoom and scrolling left and right and all that.


I would do more of it if more sites were optimized for mobile, and I think more will be as the demand grows.

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*laughes at myself trying to access the marketplace on my blackberry..


there's no sl application for blackberry that i'm aware of, so it woudl be pointless for me.. but i get your point, and you're right.. a mobile version would be cool.. but i need a full sized screen for my marketplace shopping experience... a full size bank account would be helpful too.  lol..

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I have an HTC droid and the secondlife marketplace although is quite slow regardless fo the browser I use does run quite well.


However, lately I have been using it more and more on my phone and I think an Android or iPhone app would be very beneficial to a lot of people. Or as also suggested, a mobile version of the website.

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