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Help SL addict NEEDS account and IP banned!

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 I feel pathetic to be resorting to this but I have an addiction to SL and I need to do more than just delete my account this time.


 I need to totally leave SL and get away from it with no way back into it and would really appreciate it if my account can be deleted and my e-mail/IP could be banned to prevent me making a new account again.


 I have tried using the Contact forms in SL but they are too specific and no use with this problem and I tried calling Linden Labs from the UK but the number I had was disconnected >_>


 Any help for someone trying to get their life back on track?


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There is no reason to feel sadness or embarrassment, plenty of residents have shared simular feelings.

The first step is in realizing the problem.

If you're neglecting your rl responsibilties, it might be time to take a break from Second Life. There's no need to request permanent action you may regret at a later date.

Variety is the spice of life.

I spend a lot of time in SL, some of my friends in rl spend a lot of time watching television. What is considered to be quailty use of free time is purely a matter of Opinion.

If you have to go, I will hold the fort down while you're away. SL will wait for you.




P.S. Can I have your stuff?


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Well I tell you many many times I've tried to leave second life, maybe cause felt repulsed by a partner, maybe cause stomped and a way down and tired to get it in both worlds, but in the end you know you like it even without anyone around you or just with fewe chats, cause they can keep you out from other things and sometimes second life can be a way to take care of yourself.

Anyway if you really want to stop logging in tere is a solution go in your router and ban from it second life, then  tell your parents or your brother or sister to change the password for the router and to keep it for themself.

that's it you don't need to ask for an IP ban nor an email ban.

Between addicted ones I can tell you, you will stay out maybe a few weeks if you can but in the end you for sure come back.:smileyhappy:

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