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Crooked sculpt?

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:< the upload image option isn't working for me and the site wont let me link a preview of the image... so: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v38/neko-vamp/crooked.jpg <- there's the problem, sorry to redirect you.

basically my sculpt is warping in-world. It's 32x32 (not sure if the higher number of vertices might be affecting it or not.) Any ideas?

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Two things:

First, do you have a ton of subunits showing on your grid, or is your sculpty really like a hundred units wide?  For best results, you should never have more than 10 units between any two vertices.

Maya's default units are centimeters, and SL's are meters, which makes it easy to assume that 100 Maya units equal 1 SL unit.  But tht's not actually the case.  A unit is a unit.  "Centimeter" and "meter" in this context are just arbitrary labels.  If those grid lines are indeed each a unit, then your model is 100 times too big.

The exporter will often work anyway.  It's generally pretty good at figuring out the maximum size of a model, and calling that "one", and then going from there for the rest of the vertices.  But it doesn't always work out that way.  For the most predictable outcome, keep all vertices within a ten-unit sphere (five-unit radius) at all times.

Second, in addition to the lossless upload, did you remember to freeze & reset transformations, and delete history before you exported your sculpt map?  Failure to do one or all of those things is the most common reason for "lumpy" sculpties.

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