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linked prim animator not working

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Hi i want some help, when i install the linked prim animator and want to use it is not working Here is the download link for the scripts http://code.google.com/p/falados-secondlife/downloads/detail?name=LPAL.zip&can=2&q=


i has add lpa editor, lpa player, lpa wizard,Example replay script, and all the lpa frame capture scripts in the root. And lpa frame controller att the child prim. and i has setup it /55 lpa_wizard when its cleare i click on it i get the menu dialog but i get this menu and when i type /55 lpa_lost i get the same. i cant get the capture menu . please if you can help me.

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Short answer: Yes I know.

Long answer:

Edit the state testing in LPA Wizard script from this:


llDialog(owner,"Play your animation...",btn,-56);llListen( -56, "", owner, "");llListen( OPERATION_CHANNEL, "", owner, "lpa_lost");


to that:


//llDialog(owner,"Play your animation...",btn,-56);//llListen( -56, "", owner, "");llListen( OPERATION_CHANNEL, "", owner, "");

 It will listen to chat commands /55Play, /55Pause etc.

To move the object, look into llSetPos() or llMoveToTarget().

Note: Scaling don't work on physical objects.

Last answer: I only had a quick look into the scripts. I wouldn't recommend to change anything in them untill you are 100% sure what you are doing and how all the scripts work together.



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Ok, first problem I see with the animator scripts is, if you shift-drag-copy your airplane, the animation is lost. Because scripts will reset when shift-copied. So you probably want to hard code the values of the up and down vectors of your landing gears.

I would recommend to build the landing gears out of less prims as possible. Using sculpted prims. Store each value you need, for each prim somewhere. (written in the script, or in the description field of the child prim, or anywhere else you can read them reliably.

Get the values with llGetLocalPos(), llGetLocalRot(). or llGetLinkPrimitiveParams()

With llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(); you can move, rotate them all from one script only. Not very elegant movement, but less laggy than having a script in each childprim.

Personally, I would wait for Mesh, and build the landging gears out of single mesh objects. Set the pivot point and swing them in and out with llSetLocalRot() and llTargetOmega(), slow and smooth. Like simple door scripts.

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