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Is there a way to limit local chat to a parcel?

Tom Marten


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It is nice to see a club owner honestly concerned about the impact their club has on their neighbors. Well done for you, to express that concern! The best solution in your case would be to move the club way up in the sky, so you're at least 100M (preferably at least 250 M) away from anyone else's inhabited buildings, skyboxes, or terrain surface.

This benefits your club and your patrons, because lag will be less for you and your patrons, and you'll have fewer complaints from neighbors.

This benefits your neighbors, because they won't hear your patrons text chat, whispers, say or shout, or their gestures, or their voice chat. They will also benefit from reduced lag, because your club and its scripts and patrons won't be close enough to affect them.

The one disadvantage of moving an established club into the sky is that people following an outdated landmark to the ground location may think the club no longer exists. The solution there is to put a simple, low-prim 'Lobby' at the old landmark site, with a teleporter to take them to the new sky location.

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