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How do you get, give and take away Kudos?



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Apparently the Kudos section of help did not update!  Sorry.  It will be added back in soon.  Here is the info:

The Kudos option is available in Second Life Answers, the Knowledge Base and the Creation Forums. For any content that you like, just click on the Kudos button to show your agreement with an answer or comment. Kudos let you vote for the messages that you think are the most useful or important. Kudos boost the value of a message, which may turn it into a hot topic. This extra visibility may encourage others to read the message.


How to Give or Revoke Kudos:

  • To give Kudos to a message and its author, just click the Kudos Badge on the message.
  • If you change your mind about the quality of the message, you can revoke your Kudos by choosing Options > Revoke My Kudos from this Message. The Kudos count is then updated and the Kudos badge shows that you can now give the message Kudos again.


Want to know who thinks a message is good?

It's easy to find out which regular community members and community experts have given Kudos to a message. Kudos that come from experienced community members may carry more weight -- literally -- than those that come from brand new members.

To see who's given Kudos to a message:

  1. Go to the message page.
  2. Click the Kudos total.
  3. The Who Kudoed this Message page shows you all the community members who've given Kudos to the message.


Kudos Weight:

Your Kudos weight is the number of Kudos that you give each time you click a Kudos icon. Kudoes weight is currently set to 1.


Want to know who thinks your messages are Kudos-worthy?

Your Profile page is the place to start. You can also see Kudos activity for other community members on their Profile pages.

To see who's given you Kudos:

  1. Click your log-in name to go to your Profile page.  Your Profile page shows the names of community members who gave you Kudos, the messages they Kudoed, your top Kudoed messages, and the Kudos you've given.
  2. To see all of your recent Kudos activity in an area, click the view all link at the bottom of the list. Your Kudos Activity page shows the recent Kudos you've given or received.
  3. Click the tabs to see more info about your Kudos activity.


You cannot give a kudo?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to give Kudos to a post.

  • You've already given Kudos to this message (you can only give them once).
  • You wrote the message (you can't give Kudos to your own messages).
  • Your community manager wants you to give Kudos only to a message that starts a thread and not to replies.
  • The Kudos option is off for a specific message or forum.
  •  Kudos are frozen for the message. You can still see how many Kudos that the message has received, but you can't give it Kudos anymore.


If the Kudos number vanishes:

Sometimes a message gets so many Kudos that we run out of space to show the number. When that happens you'll see a red Hot Kudos symbol or icon instead of the Kudos count on the Kudos badge.

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Lexie, when you DO update that page, make sure there is a correction to the section marked "Want to know who thinks a message is good?" as there is no link on the kudos count, nor an specific page for an individual message (in fact it's extremely hard to link to a specific post at all, there's a tiny numbered link in forum posts and you can hack together a link for answers if you know the format....)


perhaps when you update that faq, you could perhaps take a look at post linking and turning off kudos sorting? pretty please? =)

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Thank you Lexie you are awesome! Now if only support was as fast as you! (I have a ticket open since February 16 still showing "New") I wish I could give you more then 1 Kudos for all the help you have given us but you will have to settle for a Kudos and an Accepted Solution. :)

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