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DJs - want to beta test a HUD with me?

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As a DJ and a scripting geek I have played around with various tools to help me collect data from the various streams I use and display the information (song titles, listener counts, etc.).  Plus, I have some RL friends who listen to the streams directly and they asked for a way to submit song requests outside of SL.  So I put all this functionality into one big honkin' HUD that will poll multiple stream servers (because I never know which one I'll be using depending on the venue), fetch song requests from my website request form, and display whatever info I want as floating text above tipjars, or (if the venue uses its own tipjars) some other device.

I like it because it literally does EVERYTHING for me, and I'd love to share it with other DJs... but I have a feeling it's way too complicated for non-geeks.  Anyone out there interested in giving it a try and telling me what you think?

IM me in-world, or email me segfault@steigerfamily.com.

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