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Where are some good places to socialize or role play?

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Try Deadwood 1876 for Old West historical role play. It has been built as closely as possible to the original Deadwood by using historical photographs.

Deadwood also tries to follow the timeline of the real Deadwood as well -- currently the sim is getting ready to add government and law enforcement, so there's lots of new opportunities to get involved.

There are some really excelent role players there who are happy to help people get started.

Rents are really reasonable too, if you're looking to set up a role play business or an authentically Old West residence! :)


(FWIW, I am not the owner of the sim, just a long time fan)

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Another vote for Berlin Project. It's not only interesting from the historical or role-play perspectives, but it's really interesting to see how much more you can put into a sim when everything isn't oversized to SL's usual standards.

Because Berlin is built to scale I recommend  taking a look at this thread on fixing the SL camera so low ceilings aren't a problem.


If you're looking for role-play, you should check out Doomed Ship. There is pixel bumping there, but it's not the theme of the place. What poseballs there are tend to be tucked in side rooms and darker corners of the ship. It's probably the only other "to scale" build in SL besides Berlin, so the camera adjustments above will help here, too.

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I'm not sure if you have read  the book or have seen the movies but World of Hogwarts is a great place to role play.  It is PG 13 and there is no sex or nudity allowed. They have great plots that go on from time to time and many opportunities to get involved. I would sugest anyone who like to role play, and has at least some knowledge of harry potter, to try it out... I have loved it from the begining :)

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