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Land Confusion. Do I own this land or not?

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I joined SL back when they were giving out free plots of land with full rights to everyone when they joined. I and some friends merged our plots into a single one we all used together. 

Recently, with no obvious warning, I have been having trouble with a lot of the control I had on this plot. I am unable to turn off the "no build", "no scripts" and "no pushing" features on the parcel, and people in the group the land was deeded to seem to all have lost their ability to build there, despite the settings.

Under the "Land and L$" tab I have for my group, it says the total land available is "-2048 sq. meters"... which doesn't seem possible, or to make any sense.

Apparently something in the way land is controlled or distributed has changed without my notcing it. Can someone explain exactly what I'm supposed to do to regain control of the land I was given freely, or if I've just had someone give me land, then take it back just because there's nothing I can do about it?

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What happened was this.

Back when I started myself and two others combined our gift land parcels into a single parcel. Though one person does appear to have quit from SL, that should only have removed some of the land, not ALL of it. Even when that person was online, I was the one given ownership of the group and land, so since I'm still here...

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