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Artists and a Director required for The Purple Gallery

Magnus Brody

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Hello Magnus,  first of all i would like to congratulate you for putting up  gallery a here in sl;) 

I used to have my own gallery here sl and its a non-profit. I just want to have a real curated and non selling art exhibit in second life.

Unfortunately, I closed it down for a while because of my rl work. Im also a full time visual artist in rl and im preparing for my up coming solo show.

 I just joined the .:Sl art:. group (just search it inworld) and they are open for promoting  art related stuffs in the group chat.

I will visit your gallery when it opens and hope to meet you soon. I would gladly help as soon as i finish my rl projects.  Good luck!

Btw here are some photos of my "now sleeping gallery" haha.  i named it YARN FACTORY ART PROJECTS . It was the inauguration of the gallery and my solo show at the same time. I am also the creator of the building.

title: air tight contain ; medium: arcadia freebies assemblage ; Year: 2010main gallery



Promo poster

main entrance

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