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"romantic" Places In SL

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So, Last night I kinda **bleep**ed up and I gotta make it up to the woman (took a cover shift for DJing at the club I work at) and I need some places that I can make it up to her..... 


Anyone know some nice places to go to that are quiet yet romantic, even if its just a park or something.... any suggestions work ^.^ 

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I got classified as romantic in the destination guide but if you are the jazz club type it probably wouldn't fit your ideal.

It's not crowded now the initial destination guide flurry is settling down, it did rain noobs for about a week though, hence the basic etiquette signage I had to hastily put up O_O

It's mainly the beach and central area which is the hangout, the surrounding houses are occupied by residents and have security in them.

Oh, and it is mature rated, non-free-sex romantic but you sound savvy enough to understand that.

It has a raft you can have dinner on towards the rear water end, a couples swing, campsite with campfire and couples tent with sleeping bags - couples and singles.  Intan near the hut/club.  Very low key and unclubby though - Japanese/Fantasy/Made-up-as-I-go-Along.

You can get to it via the destination guide - romantic spots or via my profile.  Name is in my signature.

Oh and it is Red-Zone-and-similar free too.

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If you want quite and romantic, stay away from the heavily populated jazz clubs. You could use the Destination Guide in world but again, you are risking a heavily populated lag fest.

Try "Fatimas Desire" or any of the sims that make up Fatimas Isles.  This is a Victorian build, mostly residential but has parks and small places to sit and dance, talk and cuddle all throughout the place.  It is truly a wonderful build.

You could also try looking for something a bit more active.  Surfing is a fun one and it is also an excuse to get her in a bikini :)  You could buy her a new swimsuit and a surf board if you are in a giving mood, but don't buy one of those cheap and sleazy minimalistic swimsuits. 

Another cool date would be to go to Tombstone or maybe some other role play sim.  This will of course mean spending a few bucks on clothes but it will be a memorable occasion.

And last ... I don't know if it is still around but Bedrock was a fun build, too.  Not your typical kind of date place :smileytongue:


Of all these, if you wanted a romantic place, I would go to Fatimas.  If you want a night at a jazz club, there are many.  You may consider find a singer you like and catching one of their shows but again, you run into the lag factor. 

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Teijo Boccaccio wrote:

Maybe better ask someones inworld. This way you get only advertisement annoying spamming as you see.


Or maybe someones use forum this way to advetise..first make innocent query with alt and then spam with other. Sad but true. But its how sl community works;)

Please do not assume the motivations of *my* post.  Thank you.


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