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Using Phoenix and Have Typing Animation Off

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Asergaottie Cabassoun wrote:

However, in local chat unless I am dancing in a hud or intan if I am just standing there with my AO on, I am always showing my avi as doing the typing animation. I have made sure I turned it off by using the phoemix tab and using apply. Other friends do not have this issue. Am I missing a setting somewhere?


I solved it by taking out the 'type animation' from my AO;

  • take a copy first of your hud
  • then detach your hud
  • drag it on the floor
  • right click edit ->contents
  • look for the typing animations, in my VISTA HUD :  VAtalkxuleta_SL and VAtalk01_SL_v01
  • delete them both

in case u use another AO HUD, there will be some typing animation in there too, good luck :smileyhappy:


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