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Any Great New Builds?

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Doomed Ship tends to get updated pretty regularly. I think the last big update was around November when a whole bunch of air vents and a few new areas you could only get to through them were added. The older areas tend to get re-done pretty regularly, too.


 Forgotten City was recently added to the Destinations Guide. Was the first I'd seen it, not sure how long it's been around. It reminds me of a location you'd find in a Miyazake movie.


 I forget the name offhand but an underground martian complex sim was added to the showcase, too. seemed like they jumped the gun a bit because construction looked like it had only just begun, with very little there to see and lots of incomplete stuff. It looked like it was shaping up pretty well.  Saiwa Red Mines was the name. It shows up in search but won't let me get visit or get the location to post it. Weird.

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I love cohesively-themed, intensely-immersive builds — each with a unique vibe and personality. For anyone who doesn't already know our Destination Guide, a plethora of that quality lies within! And if you own a great build that's not in there, why not submit?

One exceptional place of numerous that I've enjoyed has been the Baedal sci-fi mines. If you need to get your Martian-magma fix on, here's the place to BURN!!!! :D


Also, I keep an ongoing photographic chronicles of my Second Life journeys. If you see a pic that interests you, click through to get the SLurl and teleport there!

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The Best of Second Life Awards (BOSL) nominations have just been anounced, and these are in the "Best Overall Sim" category:

[pteron], Cap Estel, Garden of Dreams, Insilico, Majesterium, Seawolf Monsters and Stepford

I haven't seen some of these but they are on my list now :-)

For the rest of the nominations in the other categories see here: http://thebosl.com/bosl_blog/2011/03/bosl-awards-2011-official-nominations/

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Penny Patton wrote:

I wonder how they arrive at the nominations? I'm always surprised by who and what doesn't get nominated.


I agree whole heatedly with this.  Looking at some of the names in the "Best Entertainer" category I think the person who selected them is tone deaf.

While I can only guess that some of the nominees in all the categories are truly talented, after reading the FAQ on the site, it sound's more like it's a matter of who you know, not what you do that gets you there. 

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