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Clairehaven Estates, Haven V Available Land

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At Clairehaven Estates, our only goal is to provide a place of refuge set in a libertine atmosphere of peaceful coexistence. We pride ourselves on providing a tranquil environment for those who want a place to call home. When we say we're family, its not just a slogan, but don't take our word for it.  You may (politely) contact our tenants for references.  Contact Sandi Glas or Veronicaa Ninetails with any questions.  
Upon purchase of land from Clairehaven Estates, you are eligible for a free house* from award winning Glas Houses.  Or, if you wish, choose the monthly payment plan and Glas Houses will build you a custom home.**
*Famous Detective Brownstone and Leda excepted.  House must fit parcel.
**Please allow time for completion of custom homes.
Haven V is a residential only, moderate rated, region.  All Haven V parcels have 20% bonus prim, ocean views, and the use of a large lagoon for boating and swimming.
All Islands sold with full rights.  Current Land available as of 3/12/11:
Parcel 6 - 2048 sq. m., 562 prim, sunset view, L$850 per week.


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