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Howto: Create Second Life videos on Linux with GLC

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I get good results when taking Second Life videos on Linux.

I use GLC for recording. So I just wrote a page with some general tips about recording videos in Second Life and some specific GLC instructions:


Resulting videos can be seen on my YouTube channel.

I'm available to help about this. Please report errors or ask questions about my guide. English grammar suggestsions aer aslo weclome as im not a native spaeker)

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Nefertiti Nefarious wrote:

1 - does it record full-screen or the active window?


It only records the active window, with no decorations. Which seems ideal to me.

Tip: HOW TO HIDE USER INTERFACE ON LINUX (very useful for videos!)

On other operating systems you can use CTRL-ALT-F1 to do this, but you can NOT do it on Linux. A damned bug has been filed 4 years ago with no luck yet: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-2085

You can hide the interface via menu...but then obviously you cannot use menu to make it reappear! HOWEVER, if you use the Snapshot shortcut (CTRL SHIFT S) the interface WILL reappear. So:


  • HIDE INTERFACE = Advanced menu > Rendering Features > UI


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