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Release the Shelly Phelps album, "Beautiful & Burdened"

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Shelly Phelps also known as Euterpe Queller I Second life 

Shelly is  from Oklahoma City.

Here is alittle about her, If you love live music in SL then dont be shy to support these amazing artists in real as well. They put in alot of time and effort to entertain hundreds of people in SL for tiny amounts of linden love. Dont just listen, be apart of something special......

Info About Shelly and her new album....

My name is Shelly Phelps and I’m from Oklahoma City. I am quite passionate about singing, songwriting, and performing and have done so all of my life. The greatest moments of my life are when I am connecting with an audience … of one or one-thousand, it has never mattered. Aside from the people I love and the quest to be a good person who tries to make the world a slightly better place …. music is the most important thing in my life. If you want to know a bit more, you can peruse my Kickstarter profile or visit my website.

ABOUT THE “BEAUTIFUL AND BURDENED ALBUM I plan to record and release “Beautiful and Burdened: 13 Vignettes about Secrets, Scandal, and Seduction”, a collection of jazzy, soulful songs influenced by themes of censorship, morality, art, and passion. “Beautiful and Burdened” is based on both historical and mythical characters and settings; a mix of lies and truth. I'll visit speakeasies and burlesque halls, walk along wet pavements of a dark city street, trek through the deserts of Death Valley, across the headlines of the Red Scare, and climb a spiral staircase into an attic full of secrets.

I’d love to take you with me.

The songs are already written, however, this journey requires that I raise funds for recording, mastering, and manufacturing the CD, so I’m launching a fundraising campaign at Kickstarter on January 16, 2011 and need to raise $5,000 to reach my destination.




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