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Save a life, post here.


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Post to this thread and I will send you a LL bear.  LL supports Japan with all bear purchase proceeds going to Japanese relief.

Our brothers and sisters need help.  Post here, please let me send you a bear!

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Heart Brimmer wrote:

K, Storm. I'm hanging in there.



The MP error I am getting is below.  If the errors keep coming, I will send manually - in the morning.  

Could not find Heart Brimmer in the Resident records. Make sure you are using the Resident's full SL name and not the display name. For help on finding the Second Life name, see the wiki

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Derek Torvalar wrote:

ummm did Google translate make an error?

I was sending prayers for those in despair. 



My Japanese is good, but not excellent.  I understood most of it but I could not translate properly.  I am sorry, I am very tired.

Btw, one bear queued.  Thank you. 

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