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How can I unbug my avatar?



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This is difficult to answer without knowing what the problem is.

If your avatar is not "rezzing", meaning you are stuck as a cloud, or with the wrong shape and no textures, then the best way to fix is it to go to an empty sim (I prefer one of the various mainland ocean sims for this) and do the following.

Press ctrl+alt+q to make the Develop menu appear at the top of your screen. Under Develop go to Avatar and then Character Tests. Choose Test Male or Test Female.

A word of warning, this will dress you up as one of the default starter avatars, you'll need to change back to your usual look yourself. However, if you're stuck without your avatar loading properly this is the most reliable way of fixing it.


If your avatar is stuck in a pose or animation go to the Me menu at the top of the screen,  from there go to Movement and select "Stop Animating Me".


I hope one of these two suggestions help. In the future I'd recommend being more descriptive about any problems.

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