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New Releases of 2 Popular TPVs

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Not sure which forum a discussion of TPVs should be in, so feel free to move this.

Both Phoenix and Imprudence have released new versions of their viewers. Imprudence's is their latest experimental and Phoenix's is their lates beta. I've been using the new Imprudence experimental since yesterday. They've fixed the media and music bugs. I was using it yesterday, TPing, Searching, grid hopping, building and such. Worse problem I found was having to re-enter the key words after closign and re-opening Search. I haven't tried Phoenix yet, but they've included a new media filter.

Phoenix here: http://www.phoenixviewer.com/

Imprudence here: http://blog.kokuaviewer.org/

Those links will take you to the pages that detail the changes made.


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Masta Thor wrote:

Thank you. Do they have the new Media Filter included? I'm using Dolphin Viewer 1 and Dolphin Viewer 2 because it has that feature. If Impudence has it then I will go back to using Imprudence.

Yes, Phoenix has the media filter in place. I was running around SL a bit yesterday. Still seems to be the same Phoenix otherwise.


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