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Why isn't land "zoned" for use? (e.g. commercial, residential, etc.)

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Why isn't land in sl zoned for it's usage?

I bought land in a mostly residential area with a smattering of commericial properties. Recently, I noticed lag increasing, so I did some investigating and lo-and-behold I'm getting surrounded by breeders.

Judging by what I've read in the forums, this seems to be a growing problem. If you want to breed horses or cats or dinosaurs (I know. Now, I've started that trend.), good for you. But should you be able to put your stables right smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood?

I don't think the solution is to come down on breeders, but rather to rethink the way land is used. Why not start zoning land?

Zone land for usage such as residential or residential/commercial. In real life, there are restrictions on where you can breed horses. Why not have the same sort of restrictions in sl?


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There is zoned land on the mainland, not a lot of it, because it's not terribly popular.  If you're premium, you can obtain some of the most restrictively zoned land in Second Life: LL's houses for premium members.  If you like personally policed zoning, private estates offer a wide variety of zoning/convenants on land use.  

As you may imagine, your experience has been duplicated by many mainland landowners.  I doubt that more extensive zoning of the mainland is in the offing. 

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Hi there,


We had this issue come up created zoned lands for our different sims. Our sims with residential designations allow only homes with no more than 5 pets/animals. Our commercial sims allow businesses and small clubs. And for those wishing to raise/breed pets/animals we have a few sims that are without covenant and zoned for 'anything goes.' It really helped to have different levels of usage as the tenants on each have a sense of what to expect with regards to lag and performance.


Kind regards,

Ofelia Laval

OT Rentals

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I've owned no-covenant mainland for 3 years, and so have had a fair share of the resulting joys and stresses.

Breeders can spring up anywhere, and I feel your pain. One or two critters is fine, but I just don't get why some need 30+ of them all packed into rows, with usually another dozen dead/sick under the ground. It is a problem when you are a neighbour, trying to live a quiet life, watching the lag increase, cutting back your activities, while watching the critters multiply next door. I've lived through a few waves of breeder fixations, and discovered that chickens are quite tasty barbecued, actually. Bunnies need boiling. Turtles are really icky to eat, and take a bit to crack open. I'm building a spit rotisserie big enough to take a baby horse atm, and looking up yummy marinades. But seriously I'd do what Immy said...AR for unfair use of sim resources if polite requests dont work.

Or ride it out. Honestly, change is constant, and one day they'll move on.

Despite this I don't support zoning. A mixture of land use (as long as it's not impinging on neighbours) adds to the health of a sim. I can only talk as a mainland resident/businessperson, but I know that my income allows me to own the land I do. The garden at ground level, open to all, would not exist if it weren't for the shop and studio above that makes it possible.

Protect cottage industry in the suburbs! :)



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But are breeders commercial? I rent a homestead for my horses, but that land in and of itself isn't commercial land. She rents a stall elsewhere for "sales" (in quotes because there are none). Where the horses are is residential, insofar as it's no public access and has a house on it.

I debated rent versus buy when I was new and decided I'd rather have a covenant to keep out the ugly, so I rented. My main store is on hybrid residential/commercial land but is almost exclusively commercial because who'd want to live next to stores when they can just get a residential plot from the same people?

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