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Hi foxes,

I am conducting a research into virtual worlds for my dissertation project,The first survey is about Second Life and the social, cultural and technical aspects of it and the second one about Second Life ,Facebook and twitter. I would appreciate you taking the time to complete these questionnaires(or on of them-up to you). Filling in each form should require about 5 minutes(the second one maybe less).

The responses you give in this questionnaire will remain confidential, and you are only asked to provide your age and gender.

If you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to contact me at:


Thank you very much for your help and time.



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Some useful information for you. :-)

"Similarly, some of the first educators and researchers in SL were a bit clumsy in their approach. There were early incidents in which Residents felt—rightly—that they were being spied upon or treated like guinea pigs rather than human beings. Imagine how you would feel if an entire class of students set up right next to your vacation hideaway, left trash lying around, logged your conversations, and posted them on the Internet with criticism and mean-spirited comments. This is exactly what happened to some early Residents. Things have improved greatly in the years since then, but sometimes SL Residents are still subject to that kind of inconsiderate behavior. For example, a constant stream of researchers (often students) posts on the Second Life official forums requesting that Residents please take their surveys. Most of these surveys include the same questions that have been asked over and over. Often they aren't spell-checked, or refer to SL as a game—a sure way to irritate a substantial number of Residents. Some Residents make a hobby of critiquing these surveys, pointing out how the questions and their wording make it clear that the researcher isn't familiar with Second Life. Some post outright that they are sick of badly planned surveys and suggest that the researchers log in and do their own research. "
From The Second Life Grid: The official guide ro commuinication, collaboration, and community engagement
by Kimberly Rufer-Bach
ISBN: 978-0-470-41291-6

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Alright, Marianne. I hope that I am not that “clumsy” researcher. Of course I don’t treat SL residents “like guinea pigs”. Both you and I are “human beings”. I respect your “vacation hideaway” that’s why I posted on off topic area (although if it is that big problem) I promise that I will remove it. I am not here to “left trash lying around” or “post your conversations (conversations=results?); on internet”. It is just a research that I am doing for my thesis. During my research, I found out that many people pay 1 L$ or so for taking a survey “is it less trash???”. If so, I should let you know that I am a student who has to work on 2 different jobs to make it ( I am not that rich). “SL Residents are still subject to that kind of inconsiderate behavior.” The idea for the questionnaires was not mine. My personal tutor said me that I have to create surveys and  get interviews to collect primary data. If you want I can sent you with a mail the “trash” or “trolling?”(I am right?-a guy said it) answers from interviews that I got from other “residents” during my trip in Second Life. Due to lack of time it is really hard to know if “the same questions that have been asked over and over”. Moreover, firstly I don’t know how to find them and If I find them what about the results? “Isn't familiar with Second Life” I do love Second Life like YOU guys. If someone else here believe that this survey (the 1st one at least) “isn't familiar with Second Life” please mention the question(s) (copy-paste it/them). “Sick of badly planned surveys” I spent a lot of time to make these two surveys, if you think that these are badly planned surveys then take 5 minutes and tell me the reasons.. Linden Lab and the 10,000$ have no connection with my survey(s) these two surveys made by me.(this one going to 2nd reply)

Guys, I really did not want to mess up or ruin your life. I am just doing a research and I had to do these surveys in order to “help”(if I can use this world) people to learn more about the aspects of Second Life . I can’t force you to take my survey and I respect your privacy & privileges. I tried hard for these two surveys because I wanted to be something different and special. The concept is not that strictly so probably most of the questions are similar but not exactly the same with previews surveys. I will also like to hear the opinion from other people who did it. If I failed on it, I will immediately delete or ask from an admin to delete my post.




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The main aim of  these surveys(the results) was to be used on my thesis.Although, as far as concerns me I have no problem to publish the results into this forum or to another, related to Second Life and virtual environments. I will contact the administrator and ask for permision to do this. If the answer is positive then it will be my pleasure to publish the results , otherwise I will try to find out a way to provide them to you or to other members that probably would like to have the results.
Thanks a lot for your feedback,


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I took both surveys but they are both a bit awkward.  For example the first question doesn't specify whether you are asking for gender in rl or sl.  The age question - I am really curious as to why you lumped everyone over 30 into one category (same thing with how long you have been in SL - given that SL has been around at least 8 years it seems odd to lump anyone over two years old into one category).  On the communication methods question it was unclear to me whether "facial expressions" and "body language" referred to emoting or the use of sl gestures or was occuring during the use of a webcam.  Your second survey didn't differentiate between using the services listed as a sl avatar or a rl person.  For instance I use sl as an avatar but my facebook is rl only, my sl avatar doesn't have a fb account.  Are FB and Twitter really "virtual worlds"?  More like a social network I think. 

just my $.02

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Since this is a real life survey, I am looking for the gender of the respondents in real life. About the second thing that you mentioned. The testers of the beta version of this survey were approximately 30 people. None of them mentioned that I should add more answers on the question concerning their age.(8 of them were 30+).As a result I didn't have any feedback about it. About the other issue "how long you have been in SL?". With this quesiton I wanted to know the experience of the residents. In my opinion, someone who has been in SL for more than 2 years, is enough experienced unlike with a new user.
Since the title of survey is cultural, social and technical aspects of SECOND LIFE and not of REAL LIFE obviously I was referring to the gestures and the facial expressions that the avatars perform. The subject of the questionnaire was not about the psychological parameters of the real life of the users. Moreover, in case that I would like to investigate the gestures and facial expressions that performed through a web cam or so; be sure that, this would have been highlighted at the end of the question.
Once again, the survey is conducted in real life. So the questions about Second Life,Facebook and twitter concern the preferences of the users between these virtual environments in real life. Obviously in real life the avatars don't exist. And yes Facebook & Twitter are officially virtual environments:)
Thanks for answering it,
PS: once again when you have essentially questions about the questionnaires please contact me.


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First of all, a good reason to compare SL with twitter.

“Second Life Is What Twitter Isn't: Unique, Sticky, Profitable”

From: New World Notes, Wagner James Au reports first-hand form the Metaverse

Available from: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2009/06/twitter-versus-sl.html


What about this? “Web-enabled application Facebook Twitter virtual worlds...etc”

Academic research papers

Available from: http://www.academicresearchpapers.com/abstracts/18000/UNME-JEANS-BRANDING-IN-WEB-20-HARVARD-BUSINESS-CASE-STUDY-509035.html



“It is amazing how fast the Virtual World can grow!"

Twitter's Amazing Virtual World Stats”

From VirtualWorld.ca

Available from: http://virtualthings.blogspot.com/2011/03/twitters-amazing-virtual-world-stats.html


There is also an “official statement” about virtual worlds and twitter. Unfortunately I can’t find the source now. In case that you have "official statements" that proving that twitter is not a virtual world, please let me know :)




The questionnaires will be up until the end of the month & the results so far are quite good!

Keep it up!

Thanks a lot,

Takemeout :D


Edit (19/04/2011)

Since the deadline for the submition of the Final Report has been moved to Monday 9th May 2011 the questionnaires will be up for 11 more days.Thanks again for your help.

PS: hopefully, with my supervisor's agreement I will be able to upload the results by the end of May.:D




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