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Questions about deeding land to a group

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I read through the wiki and talked to some people, but I'd still like to get some thoughts from people in the forums. I want to start a land group with my partner, but want to avoid as many unforeseen missteps as I can.

Currently, I own some land and my partner owns some land. We want to deed that land to the group. That part I understand: Just go to My Land and deed away. We want to make sure we split the fees up equally. We can't deed equal amounts of land, but as long as we deed and contribute equal combined amounts will we be okay?

Here's our situation:

My partner has 1376 m2 she can deed to the group.

I have 2560 m2, now, but my tier is currently 4096. Next month it will revert back to 2560, the lower tier.

Should I wait until my tier goes back down before I deed the land? I'm guessing as long as I don't deed and contribute more than 2560 to the group my tier should be billed at that level.

What about items on the property? Does everything have to be given group ownership? If not, is our skybox going to end up in my lost and found?

Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi, I am not maybe enough expert in deeding things but will write this anyway. It sure is an advantage to deed the lands as that way you can get bonus land sqm about 10% first and going less when getting more.

And items dont need to be shared by group or at least deeded to group. You can allow group to rez same way as if it were not deeded. BUT, if you have set the time limit in land properties for other owner items to get returned, only then they will get lost.


Only problem which has been annoying me myself is a feature of object which rez things on ground. If you dont have rezzing rights for group then also your such items, like for example teleporters or dancing ball servers, cant rez anything except if you are online yourself. Somehow such object has same right as you when you are online, but when you logoff, then object will have only rights of its group. In such case group MUST have rezzing rights in land properties. I know this can sound very confusing but so it is also when get that problem. But you maybe dont need to worry about it in most cases.

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Hi there, This may be of help to you.

* Group-owned land refers to the group for all aspects of ownership.
* Like Linden Dollars paid to a group, parcel directory fees are divided evenly among all group members.
* Object return tools consider objects along the following lines:
o Owned by parcel owner are group-owned objects
o Set to group are objects set to the group but owned by group members
o Owned by others are all objects not owned or set to group (including objects owned by group members but not set to group)
* If group-owned land is sold, the L$ received is distributed evenly the next day to everyone in the group (members and officers) who has the ability Pay group liabilities and receive group dividends (in the Accounting category of group abilities).
* If you own land that you've deeded to a group and subsequently abandon it, the land is returned to the estate owner and is lost to the group. After abandoning your land, you still need to adjust the amount of land you've donated to the group in order to be billed accurately.
* Land tier donated to a group is always considered active, whether or not it's currently being used to hold land.



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I own a sim which I have SET to my group . I am still the owner and it is not deeded. I want to set a landing point but, because we have various platforms above the sim, I want the residents to be able to TP to various points either on the ground or to a platform. I believe this can be achieved by deeding the land to the group. I am worried about the problems regarding object return should someone rez something and use up all the prims (just a precaution), and what about other matters including financial since the land is not subdivided and I pay the tier. I collect separately from the residents who, of course, have access to the entire sim. My group is for personal friends only so we have a sort of gentleman's agreement amongst us. Can anyone tell me of the disadvantages of deeding the land to my group? Or should I just continue with setting it to group and do without a landing point. The idea of the landing point was because our sim used to be a public place and we have avatars landing who used to come there for paintball etc. I would like the uninvited visitors to land at a particular point, preferably a platform 500m up above, receive a message via my visitor greeter and let the security orb control who comes in and who doesn't, and to ban under-21days old avatars altogether.  I tried this but residents could not teleport away from the Landind Point, nor tp to their own platforms. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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