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Commercial land, no prim overbooking

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Themeless land is very suitable for commercial purposes.

The only thing that is in the covenant is the rent fee and a reference to Linden TOS. Thats all!

Sizes vary from 1024 sqm upto 65536 sqm.


The available prims are NOT OVERBOOKED. This means that I am NOT renting out  more prims than the region can handle at top capacity. My High Prim parcels get their extra prims from the center land area, which is not used.

An example: when someone offers you a parcel of 4096 sqm and 1000 prims, you are renting one of the 16 available parcels on the region. A region can provide max. 15000 prims. You do the math. If a region like that would be attacked by a griefer or when all tenants use their full capacity on the land, objects WILL get LOST. 

Again, we do not do this kind of practise.


My rent system is unique. It is very user friendly, and located on a central place. No need to rez boxes on your land, no need to join some group. Just be a landowner :)

Check out the available land in the MarketPlace at MaliCure's shop

We have also a realtime landlist (automatically generated by the available parcels up for rent).

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