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Find a family in an ancient world


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I'm looking for male (Gay) slaves, helpers, pets, subs and similar. You will be treated fairly and have free time for your own role play when the family are not in world. You will have freedom to travel to other worlds etc although it is expected that you will be with the family when we are there. The aim is to enrich RP with the family.

The family own extensive land in SL and we want to meet other av's for fun, quality time and friendship. We are not cruel and if you wish to be beaten and treated badly then this family is probably not for you. We are supportive and social and like to get together. We do have fun and the land ensures that we have privacy. We are 'lite' when it comes to RP although you may always be in role as you wish.

Contact me in world (vertumnalia resident) to discuss furtherCaivs2.png

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