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Idea for a Awesome Fight Sim game with a ton of RP built in.


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We get people to wear armors and such each person would create their own custom armor or could pay someone to make their armor for them and such. And make it so their are like 6 kings of Pure Colors, Its much like the Anime "Accel World" And those kings rule a territory and such. Then we could have fights for Territory controls other then the Color's home turf. We could add status effects and such. And each color would have a special ability that others don't. We could have anywhere from guns, to swords, to fist fighting, to Vehicular based combat depending on the Creator's rules and regulations and such. We could sell the Advance basic armors for each color and such get a group of builders to do customs and such making more cash. Then put out a basic armor with very little customization and a Free or pretty cheap hud and such. 

    Also we can make Hangouts with a special Arena that people can chat while watching a Arena fight go on and such. We could even make special abilities to be crafted to give a certain player per say.... Boost Dash and such? Jet pack with limited air time, and even Glider wings and such.. And there would be a difference between levels with strength and such but we would have rules for the game so High ranks can't just farm low ranks and such except in Teritory wars...

I mean I can expand on this if anyone would ever want to try to make something like this. All I can do is basic armoring and such. And to begin with we could have a Beta opening with a certain amount of players and the first 5 of each color would have a chance to become the King/Queen of their Color and fight in a Tournament and such. 

So if you want to talk about these ideas and build on them IM me in world please **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**s://secondlife.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif" border="0" alt="Smiley Very Happy" title="Smiley Very Happy" /> Thanks.

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