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Gentleman´s Paradise is hiring DJs

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Gentleman´s Paradise is currently hiring DJs. We are looking for:


- ppl who are conversant to D/S, (BD)SM, D/s and M/s and who take this for serious and not as "just a game" (best would be when you are a D/S and/or SM lifestyler in RL - but no "must")
- ppl who take their job for serious and not as "just a game"
- ppl we can count on and will not be gone after a few weeks because they got bored or find out the job does not fit with their RL - so please inform yourself BEFORE applying for the job. 
The scheduling for DJ work is:
  • Saturdays 11am or 12pm - 1 or 2pm SLT - every second Saturday
  • Wednesdays 8am - 9am SLT

If you are interested in working as DJ at  GP, please visit us inworld and talk to Cordelia Serenity:



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