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Basic mesh mechanics queries


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I have been struggling with mesh mechanics and after reading a lot of litterature on the web and the forums, there are still some things I can't figure out - or that maybe I figure out but which do not make sense and somebody needs to tell me to get over it :P

My queries are related to the maitreya mesh body which i use.

1) First query re outfits

The body is up-to-date. I have equipped the body as should be, with the HUD, the body, the alpha, the hands and feet. I could use one of the 4 default shapes that are sold with it. But I would like to customize them, which I did.

Unfortunately, if I modify the shape and save it, the outfits one can buy for that mesh body, for example the lingerie sets that are sold in the in game shop of maitreya, dedicated to that mesh body and made by Zaara, to make it simple, will not properly fit on my shape anymore: there will be areas of the outfit that shall be eaten by my body. On the piece of lingerie set above mentioned, the issue typically affects the butt cheeks and the love handles.

((On a side note, I only buy outfits that are expressly labelled to fit Maitreya mesh bodies, I have stopped using the traditional outfits that are solid and that you could adapt by streching them, as they never seem to fit proprely on a mesh body)).


My understanding is that these outfits are fitmesh, and therefore as adapated as it can be to the mesh body. So these outfits "should" theoretically adapt to my mesh body whether I modify it or not. 

I know that in the mesh body HUD there is a tab to make parts of the body invisible, so that they don't overlapp the mesh of the outfit. But that is not always working. Typically, on a lingerie set like the one referred to above, there will be holes/empty spaces visible. 

Does that mean that when using a mesh body, one should use an unmodified shape to be able to wear the fitmesh outfits dedicated to that mesh body ? What are the options when you wish to customize your shape (and still wear outfits ;) )? Does that mean that anyone willing to customize her shape should not use a mesh body and use the classic avatar ? 

2) Second query re physics

When wearing the alpha of my mesh body, I get the impression that most of the physics settings won't affect the body regardless of the settings I make (it looks like only the breast is affected). Is that correct/normal ? Do these features get disabled on mesh bodies? Is there a workaround ?

Many thanks in advance for your help ! 


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Do remember that mesh, even for mesh bodies, depends on standard sizing numbers. If you've strayed outside of those numbers, no mesh is going to fit. The bodies are fit mesh and do respond to the slider numbers. As far as being eaten, ie clipping, you'll probably still need to use the alpha layer to make that part of the body clear, even if it is made for that particular body. You may also have to try different sizes to find what size in that clothing fits your body. I have my sliders set for XS for the defauld avi but the mesh adds a layer so for some clothes I'll still wear an XS, for others it can be as large as a medium, just depends on the designer.

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Coming in late with a reply.

Fitmesh clothing will only fit the fitmesh body if they are rigged 100% the same. Or do they call it "paint the weights"? Maitreya has not provided the clothing designers with a "fitting dummy" that they can use in what ever program they make mesh in. Sorry for my ignorance, I have only a vague idea of how they make clothing.

So all Maitreya clothing is made by trial and error. A clothes designer can make an excellent fit for one particular body shape... maybe 99,99% correct and it looks the same as Maitreyas own clothes. But when the editing of the body differs too much from the shape the clothes designer used, small differences in the rigging becomes much more visible. The garment expands/contracts different than the body. The 99,99% fit is now maybe a 86% fit.

As I have heard, only Slink Physique and Eve has these fitting dummies. Every body is weighed different, so the clothes fit for TMP, Belleza and Maitreya is based upon the clothing designers skill and ability, and guessing the weighing, plus trial and error on the beta grid.

We still have to use demos for every thing we buy. This blog post will explain it better - with pictures! http://dedesigning.com/blog/?p=1854

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I forgot about the physics. I read a blogpost where she says that she has not been able to get the butt bounce to work on any mesh body that she owns. Not sure if it is a SL glitch. http://strawberrysingh.com/2015/07/24/second-life-avatar-physics/ Her physic layers cost only 1 L, and she has some useful links to information and help for you when you make your own physics layers.

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Spot on, Marianne. Slink and Eve are the only "fitting dummies" I can find too. And the different mesh bodies are all rigged quite differently. Amazingly large differences, actually. And trial and error is a terrible way to have to try to fit an avatar.

Having said all of that, and of interest to OP:  I've had very good luck with Maitreya and clothing from Blueberry.

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