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Land for rent- Cozy Forest themed

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Nice Cozy Forest Themed Papillon Breedable  shared (but sectioned off) parcel of land.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moraine/83/245/48

Located on Mainland and is nicely landscaped with pond and pathways to a nice river..great to go canoeing or even white water rafting :D Comes  with privacy screen.  All you need if you want is a house/cottage whatever and your good to go.  Will remove whatever you wish if you like to do your own trees etc,  other than the river.  ( will add on 30 prims)  1495L\ week for 1000L.  Great price for breedable quiet land.  Theme is moderate. As other people can see you.  Private skybox allowed or can be put up instead of land.   Contact Molly Ladybird with any questions

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