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**SLRDA Recruitment Fair 2015** Referee and Commentator Sign Ups! 6-8 pm slt!

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      Second Life Roller Derby is proud to announce it will be holding a Recruitment Fair August 23-28! During this time there will be opportunities to learn more about the sport, check out the four different teams, learn about becoming a referee, find out more about how to become a sponsor, try a demo hud, OR! Just hang out with derby girls! Below is a detailed schedule of events and landmarks, including a special concert put on by SLRDA Sponsor Fuzzy Entertainment!! We can't wait to see you all there! DERBY RULES! 


Today's Schedule :  Wednesday August 26th: 6-8 pm slt
Referee Demonstrations/Commentator sign ups for 2015/2016 Season 


Come Check out SL Roller Derby! 

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