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Hello , All 

I am a DJ in need of a immediate job at a club with a Good Crowd & For 100% Tips. 


I have been working at DEAD clubs for awhile ... And would actually LOVE to build up '' DJ LeiNanii's '' Fan base! 

* At the clubs i have been working at , I have had no host.. So i am not getting the entire benefit of being a DJ at all and would like something new to start fresh with! 


Genre I Play : I play Club Music. I would love to work in a enviroment where everyone is very lively and Fun! A crowd I can finally Interact with! 

( I do not USE Mic ... Social Anxiety , Sorry! ) 

Although , I am very lively and I love to interact with a crowd.  Sadly , My Stream holds 100 Listeners and my crowd is only getting to 4 - 5 people . Maybe less which seems to upset me. 


I HOPE i hear from you soon! 


- DJ LeiNanii ♥




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