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Looking for a partner / cuckoldress


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I am looking for a cuckoldress.

I'm looking for a bossy woman that loves having sex with "bad guys" but also wants a "good guy" to make a family. Me, I'm definitely a "good guy": i'm very submissive and docile towards the right woman. I aim to a long term and ideally a SL marriage. I'm looking for a woman who has a deep desire to enjoy the lifestyle with an LTR / marriage / companion minded cuck. Someone intelligent, witty, charming, captivating and caring but with a high capacity for occasional cruelty and verbal belittlement. Someone who would enjoy a lifetime of humiliating her significant other. A good sense of humor and an appreciation for music are also major plusses.

Ideally looking for a live in situation in a cuckold slave scenario. But thats just my perfect scenario, in reality its all about what you want, i have experience in the above and waiting, serving, worshipping and dedication which i enjoy. I am also very curious of chastity as i know that keeping a guy locked up would reduce the risk of me complaining and would therefore make me better and more useful. Im a big fan of humiliation as it mentally keeps you in place with the chastity physically keeping you in place. I would consider sissyfication / forced feminization / forced bisexuality.

As for my involvement in whatever extramarital sex life you choose to pursue, that's also up to you. I'm not bisexual, but I'll do what I'm told if necessary as a good cuck should.

Yes I just love bossy, selfish women that want to have the control over their husband. I do take decisions but the the final say on any matter would be yours. The more bossy you are the more submissive I tend to be. Whether you will have a permanent lover or many occasional lovers, men or women it is not for me to tell. Whether you will be submissive with your lover/lovers or not it is not my business either. My business is to adore you and keep you happy and FREE!

For me, cuckolding means that I will desire you and need to have sex with you like hell. It means that I will be in love with you. So yes, I will be jealous. Silently jealous. Yes, I need to have sex with you, It doesn't mean I will get it.

As you can see everything is up to you. Me? Well, me, I'm just waiting for you. So, please contact me if the above interests you in some small way or you just want to say "hi". I love meeting new people. I am in Italy, so european women are most than welcome but if you're outside Europe and you spend a good amount of time on SL please don't be afraid to send me an IM.


Kaynyth Den Adel (kaynyth resident)

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