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SLVogue Looking for CSR's


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SL Vogue is currently hiring Customer Service Representatives.
The following are the Duties of a CSR:
-Write and distribute press releases: professional, good grammar, excellently worded as what we say and do reflects on SL Vogue.
- Speech writing: May need to write speech/topics/pitches for team leads or SL Vogue Events.
- Create and execute special events designed for public outreach and media relations with other CSR and team leads: Figure out fun ways to draw people in, entertain pitches, information out there in a exciting and unique light.

- Expansion of business contacts via personal networking or attendance and sponsoring at events: Need to do an out reach to get people to come in, sponsor/donate to the SL Vogue location. Responsible for greeting and welcoming people to the event, network and outreach at the events, strike up conversations, approach sponsorship opportunities cautiously but bring them to Queentoy when they approach us.

- Are responsible for social media promotions  and responses.

- Calendar maintenance: Staff account allows us to login and update the calendar. Should also include private listings to events pertaining to team leads

- Time management: Manage your time appropriately when on the clock. Utilize templates given to you and make sure you have a plan of attack when it comes to contacting vendors. Always coordinate with other CSR to make sure you don't contact twice the same vendors.
-Excellent English.
- +90 days old.
-Basic SL knowledge
-Upgraded Avatar.
-Excellent Presence.
If you have what  it takes and agree with the duties listed above please IM: Angel DarkStar (angel0923 resident)
For more information, comments or concerns feel free to IM :Angel DarkStar (angel0923 resident)

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