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Homestead rentals from small to large on sailing waters........

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 We have a number of homestead rentals on our 23 sims of sailing waters.

Architech Design Estates includes GullsWing Sailing Club (free sailing lessons and advice for all renters), Toby's Juke Joint, ArchiTech Design Store (in sky), and a range of rentals to suit all budgets from small to large

There are a few examples of current rentals below but the best way to find a rental is to visit our interactive map where pins pins denote vacant slips, homes and land. Click on a pink pin to have the LM dropped into your local chat and as you teleport you will know exactly where you are in the overall community.

Skyboxes on Breaking Dawn in either Beach dome or Waterfall dome 320 prims for 500 LD per week





Residence: Midnight Reef MR07 300 prims for 900 LD a week.



Slip 13 on Gullswing Harbour 32 prims for 150 LD a week is an example of the many slips which vary from 32 prims to 200 primsa and ask to see our new homes and docking slips for large stationaty boats on the new Panther Marina.

Myrtle Island is a full homestead and can be a gorgeous home for those who love to sail....it is 3750 prims for 9200 per week.


Oyster Cove South is a half homestead 1640 prims and is 4500 LD a month. It is a lovely location.


Parcel Petrel P05 3072 parcel with 703 prims for 2000LD per week


Alternatively you can IM 

Dearest Myrtle

Avery Saxena

Toby Howton




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