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Matchmaking for 30+ People @ the GENTS

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Casual dating, relationships and discreet encounters with SL's finest Bachelors and Bachelorettes.

Come and claim your Dating Board today.

The GENTS is a place to meet mature, likeminded people in a very relaxed setting. Meet your match for ballroom, concerts, beach parties, shopping, building .. or whatever is in your mind. Erotic ? Oh Yes Please ! But we want to have it stylish and leave the youth outside. Like anything else, most stress about dating comes from overdoing it. Instead of throwing yourself into a process that is certain to end up in exhaustion, pace yourself. Set reasonable, achievable goals, so dating will be fun, rather than a chore.

We cater for 30+ People and yeah, i know i can't controll this but it would be nice if you don't cheat.


Dresscode: Smart Casual / Classy

Group is free to join but you must be a Member to be able to activate the Teleport to the Club.


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