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Looking for something Unique Seeking a Business Partner for a High Traffic Established Club


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Hello everyone and welcome. First of all i would like to introduce myself my name in World is SpencerBlake Resident aka Moonstruck Madhatter. I have a 1 year old established venue called The Mountain Cave Club. We opened our doors so to speak on july 4, 2014 In the year we have been open we have been nominated for 3 Avis Choice awards, Favorite Junior Venue, Favorite place to take a date and Favorite Second Life Group. Recently over the last couple months i have had to slow down bringing in Live music performers, DJs, Hiring and Concerts by bands. We are 100% tips for everyone. and we do pay our performers. First i would like to say, that i am on permanent disability in real and have been trying marketing to grow my business. We have been very succesful but i am getting burnt out doing most of it myself. I would love to find a person who would be willing to become part owner with me and help manage and help split the cost of rent with me. We do have bots that i can run again to post for events thru groups. As well as Fish Hunt fishing to increase the traffic. 6 months ago we would hit 15-21k traffic with the Fish Hunt which would in turn put us up with having more people come down. I am part of some very large groups where we can post to get more down. And we also have a website at www.mountaincaveclub.com. We dont have many rules at the club other then 3 which we ask for a person to Follow. Number 1 is no nudity whatsoever, number 2 each staff posts in SL events at least 2 days in advance, we prefer a week so more people can see it and plan it. and number 3 if you have to cancel your scheudled shift let management know before 10 am SLT so we can try and find a adequate person to fill in for you. Other then that we allow anyone to come in. we are LGBT friendly, Furry friendly, Vampire friendly as long as there is no biting or recruiting going on and we dont allow recruting to other clubs while at our club. Our costs each month are 7500L per week for rent and 7500L a month for the auto dj stream on our land as well as the website. I also want to start putting L into the Fish hunt which i believe will be coming up to about 60K L a month for that to increase the traffic. The hours we have atm at the club are monday to saturday 10 am - 10pm But eventuially when we book enough djs and live singers and bands, i would like to extend over night and have a manager over night to suit to the UK and people over on that side of the world. We have had the numbers for people to come down but the last couples months it has dwindled to nothing due to me having to deal with a few rl finances. I want to be able to start October full swing with someone to be able to help with the costs. I beleive we can make this place great again and would love to hear from you. The other thing i want to mention is that my club is the first of its kind in SL. i have been playing since oct 06 and never saw anything like it. We have a live performance area a dj area a spot for random acoustic sessions of playing the guitar or singing. fish hunt fishing caves, shopping which we would like to extend to others, to fill up the stores in, we also have a movie theatre which we built Plus alot more. Come on Down and come take a Look message me for a tour and i would love to show you around. 

       We are the only club in SL to be built into giant mountain in SL.The difference as well is we had a large traffic several months ago. we averaged between 15-21k traffic on a daily basis. We offer Live performers, DJs, Concerts by various bands in SL. Some of our performers are the best in SL. including but not limited to Anek Fuchs, Parker Static, Max Kleene. We also had Bad Amptitude once a month. The biggest thing we offer here is that most clubs will be specific for what kind of people they allow. Whether it is a club that allows LGBT or furries or whatever. We allow all here. The only thing we ask is that you are clothed. we are tired of going to a place and saying your kind of people arent allowed here. As far as a club we are on the cheaper side to be honest per scale. We offer the comfort of being able to have up to 100 people. due to it being on half of a full region. We have many services which we can guarantee alot of traffic these are but noit limited to. Bots Thru Smartbots, Daily SL events we had. We also post in high traffic sims to recruit new staff. We are currently only hiring djs, hosts and live singers but at the beginning of when we started the club, we had live bartenders, Dancers( not strippers), Hosts and Live performers. We used to have 30+ shows a week if not more so there was always alot of work. The other thing which we haveh ere is that most clubs are usually in there ims talking to others, we are a very social and open feel club. we talk to the people that come in and make them feel important. We dont have a set spot where people should stand because how boring is it to stand in a spot for 2 hours. we like to make the people feel part of the fun. so the hosts and djs are free to roam around the area. I have other ideas to work at to bring more people. right now we offer quite a few services for almost everyone on the grid. We offer fish hunt fishing, live concerts, live singers or performers, we also have cuddle spots for couples and singles. we also have a all natural waterfall cave movie theatre which we rezed into a skybox up in the sky. we also have shopping as well as a DJ area and a games area for card against humanity and Greedy. We also have a platform for the bad amptitude concerts. We also have a Karaoke open mic spot which we can fill for people to sing in when we dont have live singers or DJs. there is really quite alot. Message me in world i have several other things which we are gioing to have on the go soon that i dont want to spoil.

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