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Lunar Hang Out Club - is Hiring


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We are a new club that is just starting out and we are looking for staff to fill the void.

The Club currently needs

dancers - either gender - but no nudity what so ever, we are a club for the general public to come and hang out.

DJs - Having a genre of general modern music would be nice, anything is fine as long as it is appropriate for the public - YOu never know when someone under 18 years old will show up.

Hosts - Either gender - Must be able to host an event and be a rather social person and needs to know how to have fun.

Managers - I am looking for a few managers to help out when I am not around to make sure club is running smoothly.

All positions are both tipped based as well as all employees will get a hourly wage - The managers won't won't get tips unless they host event dance etc.

Tips are 90% for everyone, the rest goes to support the club, pay for land and your wages etc.

All hourly wages will start at 35 L$ an hour until the club grows bigger - this includes managers but the wages will grow over time as the club gets more popular.

I have setup a punch in clock which is how all employees will get paid - I will have weekly shifts assigned to all those who are hired so please do not miss those if you are hired - if you can't make it be sure to Let me or a manager know at least 2 hours before your shift.

Aside from the shifts all employees are welcome to host their own events on their own time if you are fine with the 90% tips which is a good way to earn some extra cash when you are short on funds.

I would prefer to have the club running most of the time, so if you would like to excluded from hourly wage please let me know if we end up meeting for an interview.

To get a job application come down to the club through the link I will post below.

There will be a club is hiring sign at the entrance for which positions I am ciurrently looking for.

The application is the same for everyone, just generally fill out which position/s you would like to apply for as well as skills and why you would be a good fit for the job and drop it back into the sign so I can take a look at it when I get a chance.

link http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Engrailed/127/141/64

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