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Lumindor, Karamoon, Ravenscraig, Ambrea, Isle of Dee, Hanaris ... REUNION PARTY !

Alrunia Ahn

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Do you remember ?

I think often back to the good old times when our SL was still exclusively all about RP.
And while some of us still cling together since those days, some others are far spread nowadays. In all sentimentality I remember this blog post I wrote in September 2013 : https://alruniaahn.wordpress.com/2013/09/07/rp-in-sl-more-than-a-game/

And although I retired from RP in 2014, although the sims I called home are now long gone, they , the characters I met, the people behind and the stories we developed together live on in my heart - and I know, in some other hearts as well.

We - Luna , Smog and I - been thinking ...what if .... we met all the crazy bums again? How do they look today, do they remember, and what are they doing now , long after our beloved IC home lands are gone.

We invite all of you tooooo...
*fumbles with papers and starts reading from a scroll :

Hear ye , Hear ye!

Former residents of the lands of Isle of Dee, Karamoon, Ambrea and their allies

You are hereby heartily invited to a dance in the forest where you may meet all your old ( the next word is scratched out -enemies- ) friends and people!

Music, Food and Drinks are provided!

Today,  August , 29th - 1pm (SLtime)
Dresscode : Come as you are now, OOC, or as your old characters

The event will be hold at the wondrous Dandelion Daydreams Factory:


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