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Are you an Artist? Want some free promotion?

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Fixation is looking to display some art!

We want to feature an artist of the month every month in our hangout! for free!

All we ask is that you put us in your picks! :D

What's the catch you say? You have to apply. It's going to be first come first serve. 

Breakdown of proposal: 

Free advertisment of art  and services [if any] for one month.


  • Place hangout in picks
  • Fillout application and apply

What type of artwork can be displayed?

ALL! We'd love to have a wide range. Everything from sketching,painting,digital art, photography,costuming,cosplay,music,tattooing,3d modeling, fur suiting etc


We do NOT discriminate. Humans, Furrys, vampires etc are welcome. The hangout is a mature area with adult conversation and some adult areas. So I apologize, no child avatars are permited. 


Please visit us here  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skunk%20Valley/220/145/21

Please fill out  this application and submit it IN WORLD on a notecard with the title : Artist of the Month app [username here] :

  • SL Name:
  • Name:
  • Art preference:
  • Link to art displays: [attatching photos work too]
  • Services if any: 
  • Why do you do, what you do?:
  • What inspires you? :

Submit to XxChaoticEmbracexX Resident  Inworld.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below :3







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