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Commercial/Residential Parcels Available on Adult Sim

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MDM Enterprises currently has several 4096 m. parcels available on adult sim. We have sunrise waterfront, sunrise corner, and sim center parcels available!

  • Parcels can be combined to fit your needs!
  • Low rent on Class 5 low lag adult rated sim.  No premium account required!
  • 4096 parcels with 937 prims starting at 1400L per week.
  • Rental boxes located in centralized office freeing up all parcel prims for your use.

Commercial or residential welcome!

  • Bring your shop or other business. 
  • Homes available for use with residential rentals or bring your own.
  • Landscaping, parcel naming, and music streaming all granted with your rental.

Privately owned sim with sim owner and estate manager living on-site to ensure sim performance.

Interested in a parcel, please send an IM to Dena McMahon and we will reserve it for you!

Entertainment available right at your doorstep!

  • Like the Blues? Visit JJ's Juke Joint for an evening of great music and awesome people!
  • Community park with 7Seas fishing open to all residents and their guests.

To see the parcels currently available, teleport to our office.

Teleport to MDM rental office!

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