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I am new to this land thingy so please help me decide which would be a wise decision.

I'd like to have a place for me to live in SL:

1. I want the land to be just me in it. No neighbours or what. 

2. Rez my own house.

3. Fees I can afford to pay is less than 2k $L

I still don't know what is the difference between main land, estate or homestead. Help me, what's the best way?

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Mainland is land where Linden Lab own the land and rent it out to landlors who then rent to you, or you buy a parcel of it and pay tier ( rent) for it to Linden Lab direct, Estates refer to collections of land that landlords own and manage Homesteads are smaller versions of private islands, both of them are owned by landlords who then rent out to individuals.


The only ways to be certain of having no neighbours are

 a) rent a homestead or private island yourself.

b) rent a parcel on mailand and be so obnoxious to your neighbours that they all leave.

Of these, a) is tricky given your budget and b) is frowned upon by most people and is my tongue-in-cheek observation on the behaviour of various people I have lived next to in the past.


You best strategy is to place an ad in the wanted sections with your stipulations,m and hope there is a landlord somewhere who has a sparsely-populated island and wants to keep it quiet


If you become a pemium member you get an allocation of land, which means you can find that-sized parcel fo land somewhere and put a house on it, for no extra rental.With the risde of low-LI mesh houses and furniture you can manage to get a reasonable setup within the tight prim budget that 512 sqM of land equates to.


With your budget you could find such a parcel and then buy some adjoining parcels for the extra amount you have mentioned, allowing you to have more room to spread yourself out in and more prims to play with.

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The only other thing I'd suggest is to investigate the heart blight on Mainland to see what they charge. It can't be much, I'd think, and I understand renters get a whole level of sim to themselves on which they can pretend not to have any neighbours -- but it's all pixel make-believe anyway, right?

Hmmm. I guess the full Fortress of Solitude act wouldn't work, because at altitude there's no parcel visibility control (and mostly scripted shoo-away security).

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If you do decide to buy a mainland parcel and build a house or put a skybox way up high, before you purchase the land, fly up to see how populated the surrounding sky space is.  

If the parcel you are looking at is next to or near to one of the big rental places that rents sky spheres, it could be difficult to find an altitude where one of them is not in view.  However, the other side of that is that on the ground level, there is usually just an empty parcel, or a parcel with minimal landscaping (so basically no ground level neighbors).  

If you're going to put up a sky sphere or sky box where you aren't expecting to be able to look out from you platform into the surrounding sky space, then the level of sky population from the other parcels may not matter. 


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