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In need of awesome and crazy friends


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It gets so lonely since I first registered in SL. I don't have anyone to talk to for the past few months. The reason why I play SL is because RL is a lonely place for me. I don't want SL to be the same. 

My AV name is Oreki Kyou (Orekie Resident). You can just call me Oreki. Real name is Hashi. I'm 20 y/o RL and I am a female but my AV is a male. I hope that's not too weird for you..

Some facts about me:

1. I am a shy and a timid person.

2. I don't talk much but if I get so comfortable around you, I could talk more.

3. English is not my first language. I am an asian living somewhere in Sout East Asia. So, I am very sorry if you can't understand me.

4. Down to earth type of person. I guess..

5. I love buying clothes in SL. I hope you can be my shopping partner :P

6. Love a big family to hang out with. I don't mind role-playing as long as we have so much fun.

7. I like funny and crazy person! It makes things so lively.

8. I'm into girls.

9. I don't like rude people. (I mean, who does, right? XD)

10. I'm funny sometimes. 

11. Love doing some photography.

12. Like anime.

So, this is my AV. I already changed my skin though but more or less, this is me. Hope we can always be friends. I can get too attach sometimes because I hate losing someone who already walked in my life. I usually hang out in Social Islan 1, 2 and 3 because that's the only general places to go. IM me in-world OREKIE Resident.

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