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[CITY OF BLACKWALL] the last Haven - Modern fantasy RP

Shiori Aima

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                       CITY OF BLACKWALL

                        City of Blackwall is a sim that combines modern, steampunk, fantasy and supernatural genres

Welcome to the City of Blackwall

City of Blackwall is a text-based role-playing sim. Our emphasis is on story, creativity, personal development and the evolution of lore though our players.


The setting - Synopsis

Welcome to Araxia, an alternate world that mirrored our own in times and culture.

Once a peaceful and magically enriched world, the gods who created Araxia became greedy and began a war to claim the world as theirs alone.

The war concluded 50 years ago when their influence and hatred caused the "Great Chasm" a magical anomaly that spread across Araxia like a wave destroying life on the surface and modern technology.

Those who survived lived in colonies underground to escape the toxicity of the world above, and became reliant on steam powered technology to make up for what they had lost.

The only city to survive on the surface was Blackwall. Till then a city ruled by noble humans known as the Blackborn who stubbornly shunned all outsiders until Quinn the last of the Blackborn opened its gates a few months ago.

As the only standing city on the surface, Blackwall is seen as a single beacon of hope for many, a chance for a new beginning.

What awaits you in Araxia's last haven? 

Learn more about our sim on our Website:


Check us out here:

Just grab our Observer tag which we provide in the welcome area and feel free to look around!




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