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So,since may i have had this logging in and staying logged in issue with my main accout KinkyPixie Cheri on and off and recently it has come to the point where
i can only stay logged in on text viewer radegast. Yes i have been in contact with support, issued 2 tickets on this issue and
i have took on all the advice they suggested they even hijacked my account to do some tests. Now they have just given up and i am livid,
i feel like they really do not care i put a lot of time, effort and money into my avatar now yes i know second life is just a virtual world and
what have you but i made my avatar just how i wanted her to look etc now that has been taken away from me,
and they tried to say it was my wireless connection or ISP when i have just had a new line put in and
i will mention here i can log in and stay logged in on a reg viewer with any of my alts but
my main is a no go at all as i said just able to log in on my main with text viewer radegast...

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First, please understand that all anybody can do here is make suggestions -- probably the very same suggestions you've already tried. We all know it's very unlikely to help, but it's all anybody can do for you.

The baseline thing to try is to remove all attachments (makes no difference whether they're scripted or not -- they must all be removed) and pick a "test character" avatar from the Develop menu. See this helpful page for details. In fact, follow all the instructions on that page, it's probably clearer than anything I'd compose anyway.

Then see how long you can stay logged in at that low-lag sim. Don't teleport anywhere. If that login session lasts a couple hours without disconnecting, then you might try teleporting around. Or you can try restoring your usual avatar. One or the other, or the combination, will fail.

Perhaps by trial and error you can eventually find one attachment that's either corrupted or overly complex to render. If you haven't already, compare the rendering complexity of the troublesome main avatar and all the alts that work. (Different viewers and versions have different ways of doing that; Advanced / Performance Tools / Show Draw Weight for Avatars is one way.)

If Support actually tested things and suggested a network connection problem, and if that wasn't just reading from a script, then they must not have experienced the problem themselves. If that's true, then we're looking at a complex interaction of avatar (because alts work) and connection + local machine. That will involve a lot of effort on your end, with very little anybody can do to help.

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You don't say anything about your computer specs or your internet connection or any error messages you get which doesn't help. You also don't mention anything that you have tried to fix the problem. 

If you have Alts that log in without problems then, as well as other suggestions, you could do a clean reinstall of your viewer,  to make sure that your (main avi)'s cache is deleted in case it is corrupt.

Also make sure that your inventory does not have folders that contain thousands (more than 5000 is a problem) of items all at one level, i.e. without sub folders. This is sometimes referred to as a 'flat' directory structure. It may cause a timeout while fetching the items which will effectively disconnect you from SL.

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If none of the above suggestions work for you I would download and install the latest sl release viewer, log in with your problem avie, wait til you crash then file a jira with a log file for the session in which you crashed. Chances are that whoever reads that log file (some one definitely will) might be able to pinpoint something that support missed.



Good luck, hope you find a fix:smileyhappy:

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Sucks not being able to login for sure. I would try a few things. Like was previously mentioned, it would be very helpful to get some details on your PC and connection.

  1. First thing to do is to make sure you are testing using the atest release of the Linden Lab viewer. Don't test on a third party viewer. Do a clean install of the viewer just ot be safe.(https://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/How-to-uninstall-and-reinstall-Second-Life/ta-p/1375231)
  2. Once you have the latest viewer installed, login directly to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cyclops/120/139/5. you can do this by pasting that url into the drop down box next to the Log in button in the viewer.
  3. Enable the Advanced Menu by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D on your keyboard, then enable the Develop menu by clicking Show Develop Menu from the Advance Menu.
  4. Click Develop | Avatar | Character Tests | Test Female

If you get that far, log off and back on at the same place. That will reset eerything again and make sure that if you had something on that was causing an issue it will be gone. As was mentioned, give this some time to see if youa re stable or not. If you are still crashing, we need to look at inventory.

For inventory overall size doesnt matter, but if you do have a large inventory then it must be well organzed. If you have folders in inventory (trash and objects are two big ones to look at) which have 1000's of items in them, then those folders need to be cleaned up. In fact any folder with more than a few hundred items in it should be broken up into sub-folders and organized. Not an easy thing to do on Radegast, but it can be done. Start by emptying trash...then work on others.

If your still crashing then I will have to guess that it relates to something with your setup. Feel free to shoot me a message in world. Hope you get it sorted.

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Is the viewer hanging so long logging in that you get timed out with the affected account or does the viewer just freeze up solid shortly after login until you disconnect?

If you clear viewer cache and then restart the viewer & login the affected account, can you get logged in & stay logged in that session?

If that works, you will probably have to purge cache before each session on your affected account until you get fixed.

If you can always get logged in and stay logged in when cache is clean then that strongly suggests you are having the problem a lot of people are recently - a large flat inventory structure causing inventory views to take too long to create and timing you out during login.

If that is the case then LL support should be able to fix you with the inventory deflatten tool.

Some people with large marketplace stores only started having this problem after they were migrated over to VMM. Support appear to be sending those accounts to the JIRA to file bug reports - seems like the deflatten tool doesn't work when the problem is the VMM folder structure.


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