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Exiled! Second Leading Role Cast!


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Exiled Production Company is pleased to announce that Phan Fyre (Phantom Republic) has accepted the role of Eddie Farnese in the online roleplaying game, Exiled! A Royal Family in Greenwich Connecticut, completely taking place in the virtual world of Second Life. Eddie is the second child of Rebecca Farnese and her recently deceased husband, whose formal name and titles were His Serene Highness, Albert Edward II, Crown Prince of Sanremo, a defunct archduchy absorbed into the Kingdom of Italy after World War I. Per the rules of succession, Eddie is the Crown Prince presumptive once his investiture takes place, an event which has proven impossible to arrange given Eddie’s disappearance to Europe after his father’s funeral, which coincided with the end of his studies at Eton. Phan has had a wide variety of business and creative experience in Second Life. His ventures began with instructional booklets that he sold to newbies on how to achieve a premium stylish appearance, which eventually morphed into a men’s fashion blog, Phantom’s Republic, which achieved over 100,000 hits during the 2008-2009 fashion season. The blog was temporary absorbed as the official Costa Rica Sims fashion blog, during which time it expanded it’s blogger team and scope to include women’s fashion and home and gardens. The blog closed when Phan retired from Second Life for two years to complete his educational goals. He returned after reading a blog entry on a recreation of the Palace of Versailles in late 2011. After a brief self-tour dressed as a Volkswagen, he joined the roleplay at that sim, first serving as a fictional Count, then a year as the Comte de Provence, Louis Stanislas Xavier, the brother of Louis Auguste (eventually Louis XVI), and brother-in-law to Marie Antionette. After a vacancy, he was promoted to the role of Auguste himself, which he played until he resigned the game. Other experience includes a variety of roles within the Second Life nightlife scene, from host and dancer, to club management. Using his real life experience in management, he has built Exiled Production Company along with the help of his friends and co-owners, Vain Adder and Londyn Rayne, a company that plans to begin roleplay in late September of this year. If you’d like to join this exciting role-play beginning in September, please read all the pages on this website, and apply using the online applications found within. https://exiledthegame.wordpress.com/about/

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